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HWY #1 Contracting Ltd. was founded in 2002 by Edwin Tetelowski as a small gravel hauling company.


       In 2011, C.Peter Wunder joined Edwin, and the company started working for SaskTel in the underground cable install and plowing. Both, Edwin and Peter, have over twenty years experience in the underground utility field. Since then, has been awarded several SaskTel Demand contracts, fibre plowing contracts, Sask-Highways culvert contracts, and several water projects. In 2014, HWY #1 were awarded the SaskPower Transmission Line Earth Work contract. 


       HWY#1 Contracting Ltd. believes that they would be an ideal fit for your project as we are a local Saskatchewan company employing local Saskatchewan people. We are a small complete company with just under 40 employees to efficiently execute any task required, but large enough to have equipment and resources available to complete contracts on time. We have a proven record of meeting construction demands and developing new or alternative construction methods and are willing to negotiate with customers as new products or construction methods arise which will reduce costs to the project.

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